So today I was offered a PhD scholarship!

3 years of funded bliss!

3 years living and studying in Bath, one of the most beautiful cities in the UK!

Something, somehow, went incredibly right and I am actually going to be a Doctor!

…. when I say Doctor I mean of History, I won’t be able to cure your ills, but still technically very, very cool…

I’m just so happy right now I don’t know what to do with myself. I can’t even articualte all my happy so I have to resort to multiple gifs. Just. Wowsa.

Pulling the first all nighter of semester two…

This research paper will be badass (hopefully, maybe, somehow), but I shall of course be struggling not to yawn all the way through my delivery, spilling coffee on my notes, crying, and asking in the middle of it all for an extension.

Postgraduate life everybody!

You have been warned!

Though I cannot be Henry the Fith or Charles the Second yet I endeavor to be Magaret the First. And although I have neither power, time nor occasion to conquer the world… I have made a world of my own.

Magaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle (1623-1673) in the preface to The Description of a New World, Called the Blazing World.

A woman after my own heart, and a joy to read with a glass of wine and a vivid imagination.


You can change that and you are changing it.

This right here is what people seem to be forgetting about Ellen Page’s coming out speech.

Everything I have read about this story has been about how Ellen Page’s coming out has been received by the media, on youtube, across social networking sites.

As far as I can see hardly anyone is talking about what Ellen herself was commenting on in the first place. 

I really do commend her for this speech, it was very brave, very honest, and it really touched me. However, I am saddened that the commenters shouting the loudest are those concerned only with this revelation about her sexuality and not about the real point she was trying to make.

No one is talking about the issues she raised on gender stereotypes, about sexual identity, about how young people (whether they’re gay or otherwise) struggle with their sexual development in a world overwhelmingly geared towards a heterosexual dynamic. As she said herself, these are the sorts of fundamental problems which cause young people to go off the deep end because few people seem to care enough to take the issue of sexuality seriously. Feeling secure in your sexuality truly defines your sense of self, and uncertainty, fear or shame about your sexuality leaves you floundering.   

So when I scroll through the recent comments on this youtube video and see virtually no one talking about these things I get angry.

Perhaps it’s an issue of context. We see this video going viral online and we think, oh here we go another celeb coming out of the closet for publicity. When in actual fact, the true context of that speech was not Ellen Page coming out to the internet but just a woman, speaking on behalf of an organization she wishes had been around when she was young, confused and alone. She is just saying what she feels, and who she is, and what she hopes will change.

Hell, I wish such an organization had been around when I was young, confused and alone.

Though it is true that things are changing, it is obviously going to be a long, slow maturation if a celebrity coming out still provokes a backlash so loud that it drowns out everything truly important she was trying to say.